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Welcome to the Babiators 2018 Order Page. Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order.

  • Minimum order of $340 applies on all first orders (excluding GST and shipping)
  • New Stockists will receive a complimentary Display Box and 2 display pairs of glasses while stocks last
  • Stock is dispatched on a pro-forma basis
  • Orders not paid within 14 business days will be cancelled

Please remember to only place ONE brand in your cart per transaction. 


NEW range - PREORDER details below


NEW - new range and Originals colours arrive late Nov18, these include:

  • Blue Series - New Polarised range - comes in Keyhole, Navigators and Heart frame shapes - 6 colours - 3 sizes
  • Original Aviators - Popstar Pink is back!
  • Original Navigators - Sublime Lime, Rockin'Red, Hello Yellow

We are current taking PREORDERS on these items. All PREORDERS are marked in this order form. Preorders must be made and paid by 8th November. If you have placed and paid for preorder stock you can promote them for pre-order from 12th November. Any promotion of unpaid stock, or early promotion may result in non-supply of stock due to availability. You can sneak peek the new styles from 8th Nov but not before